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Last Weather Update:1/15/2006

 Last Web Update:1/16/2006 - 12:00:04 AM
Air Temperature  
Last Hour Average 36.4�F
Daily Average 41.8�F
Daily Maximum Temperature 44.8�F
Daily Minimum Temperature 35.9�F
Solar Radiation Average 0.0w/m�
Relative Humidity  
Relative Humidity Average 95.4%
Wind Speed Average 0.0 MPH
Rain Total Effective
Rain (Last Hour) 0.00" 0.00"
Rain (Last 24 Hour) 0.64" 0.64"
Rain (Last 7 Days) 3.78" 3.78"
Todays ET 0.01"
Last 24 Hour ETo (Evapotranspiration) 0.01"
Last 7 Day ETo (Evapotranspiration) 0.10"
Irrigation Requirements  
Last 24 Hour -0.63"
Last 7 Day -3.68"
Irrigation Cycles Per Week 0


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